Do you have an interest in fashion and enjoy supporting small business's? Do you consider yourself a fashion influencer or want to start your influencer journey this year? We may have the perfect opportunity for you!

Here at KJB we pride ourselves in being a collab/influencer friendly brand. We're always on the look out to work with influencers of all sizes whether your established, a micro-influencer or want to get started. 

All that we look for is a clear interest in fashion, clear images (no distracting snapchat filters, no white borders ect) and a clear interest in our brand (e.g. following us engaging with us ect) 

Our brand influencer scheme is so unique, well thought out and different to other fashion brands. We don't just offer you a code and send you on your way, we invite you to our super friendly private DM groups, and Whatsapp groups, we keep in contact with you, offer friendly & non robotic service, offer gifted collaboration opportunities monthly and have other fun competitions ect going on. 


Please note you can only apply via our email: katiejadeboutique@aol.com. Any DM's regarding collabs will be redirected to our email. Please include your username in the email so we can check out your profile! Failure to include your username will result in your email being deleted. 

We do offer strictly gifted collab opportunity - please specify if you're only interested in this in the email. But please note we have a stricter criteria for this. We look for professional looking images and high engagement/reach. - The Brand Influencer Scheme is a perfect opportunity if you need to build your profile, you still have access to all our gifted collab opportunities but with the benefits of having a community around you. 



"The scheme is so well run, the organization is impeccable and i love working with this brand" 



"It's an amazing opportunity, everyone is so friendly there's no pressure to buy anything!"

"Love working with KJB because she is always so helpful. Outfits are fantastic quality. Girls are fantastic to work with and talk to & the daily tasks and competitions are fun to take part in"
"The best scheme i've come across so fair and supportive will never stop working with you!"
"I love the scheme, a great way to ensure brands create a good relationship with influencers plus it's fun!! makes you want to do it even more because there's a fun element"
"A very supportive journey! Any item promotions are reposted by KJB and you build followers! The more creative you are with Tiktok/pics the better chance of winning comps & free things!
"I love the way you keep us in the loop and the point scheme is a good way to keep us active"
"Earning points for credit to spend & best part is definitely girls supporting girls!"
"I think it's very good scheme and has a good rewards system. Since joining I have gained loads of followers and my posts have become more popular"
"i love working for the scheme as having the option to support across multiple different platforms (Facebook, Insta, Tiktok) means a range of different people can be influencers and a wide audience can see the company!